Media Availability: Allen West — Eventbrite Cancels ACRU Memorial Day Weekend Muster Invitation


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April 28, 2022

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Media Availability: Lt. Col. Allen West, ACRU Executive Director

Eventbrite Cancels ACRU Memorial Day Weekend Muster Invitation

The Woke Company Nightmare

Naples, FL — Do you know what type of events “woke” tech company Eventbrite values and promotes? How about naked yoga, semen retention, and “meet a black person?” Regarding that last one, is there anything more inherently condescending and racist?

Do you want to know what type of events offend Eventbrite’s “less durable” sensitivities? Memorial Day weekend gatherings for veterans and military honoring our country and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

ACRU Executive Director LTC Allen West (ret.) is hosting the Memorial Day weekend event in Belton, TX, paying homage to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Eventbrite recently canceled this event, stopping all ticket sales, saying that the event honoring the fallen does not comply with Eventbrite’s “Community Guidelines.”  The particular issue appeared to be a component of the event, which would offer free ammunition and a new firearm to one of America’s heroes.  It appears to be lost on Eventbrite that the veterans and military being honored actually used weapons to defend our freedom.

To be clear, Eventbrite is a private company and is entitled to make whatever policies they want within the law. This is America, after all. The question is, why would a company deem an event honoring our veterans so morally unacceptable as to cancel its promotion on the platform?

“As a retired Army combat veteran and Executive Director of the ACRU, I find the misguided and ideological driven decision of Eventbrite very disconcerting. Memorial Day is a time to show devotion to those who gave the last full measure of devotion while bearing arms, to keep us safe and free. A Memorial remembrance event near a major US military installation at a shooting range is in keeping with our Constitution, for which those who died took an oath.”

The year 2022 is becoming the year of the great “woke corporation” expose. In recent news, Disney has found itself on the hot seat for taking outrageous advocacy positions in favor of human sexuality discussions in school. Early, formative years school programs — kindergarten through third grade. Apparently sick and tired of tech tyrant censorship and outright political advocacy, Mega-entrepreneur Elon Musk bought Twitter. Already the rats are fleeing and covering their tracks. Thousands of conservative users and organizations are reporting massive increases in engagement and followers, literally beginning on the day Twitter’s board of directors accepted the tender offer. Could it be a quick and dirty cover-up effort before the audits begin?

We have to wonder, how many companies will fall on their swords before shareholder lawsuits begin? Woke corporate policies rarely increase shareholder value. How about getting out of woke politics and back to business?


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