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Cuomo tried to steal life and liberty from New York cardiac patients through tyrannical Do Not Resuscitate order

Naples, FL— On April 17, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State Health Commission put out statewide guidance directing first responders to withhold full medical treatment from patients in cardiac arrest. According to ACRU Action Fund, this edict breaks every boundary of human decency and legal standards.

“Nothing says ‘crisis tyrant’ more than a politician who believes they have the right to decide who lives or dies,” says ACRU Action President Lori Roman. “Governor Cuomo only rescinded this Do Not Resuscitate order on April 22 after loud, public outrage by heroic New York State first responders.”

Under public criticism in the late 1980s that DNR procedures were being carried out in his state without legal consent, then-Governor Mario Cuomo signed a 1988 DNR law placing resuscitation decisions directly in the hands of physicians and patients or their surrogates.

“The signing of DNR paperwork is one of the most emotionally distressing and gut-wrenching decisions a patient or their family member will ever make,” notes ACRU Action’s Vice President of Policy Kerri Toloczko. “For Governor Andrew Cuomo to attempt to take this intensely personal and private right to life and death from New Yorkers under the guise of COVID-19 policy is unconscionable.”

Under New York law, a state Department of Health DNR form must be signed by a physician or nurse practitioner, and patient or patient representative. There is no space on the form for a politician’s signature.

Roman continues, “Tyrannical orders that do nothing to prevent COVID-19 or save its victims should be condemned by every citizen regardless of party affiliation.

“There is no justification for this policy and there here is no other overreach more tyrannical and deadly than an elected official playing God,” she concludes.

“As ACRU Action Crisis tyrant of the week—even in a nation full of tyrannical orders from liberal officials—Governor Cuomo is in a class all by himself.”

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