Opponents of Judge Roy Moore Urging Felony Vote Fraud


ACRU Staff


December 1, 2017

A user on the social media forum site Reddit.com has called specifically for “African-Americans” from Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee to cross into Alabama and illegally vote against U.S. Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore.

The user, who goes by the anonymous “Warren4Prez,” has put the call out for black people to break the law as evidenced by the screengrabs of his or her posts below.

Click each image to view full-size.

The user requested blacks in Georgia needing transportation to Alabama interested in voting to call “202 863-8000” which coincidentally is the phone number for the Washington, D.C. office of the Democratic Party. There’s no reason to believe “Warren4Prez” is in any way affiliated with the Democratic Party, but the user also has a liberal-leaning Twitter account titled, “Ready for Warren“….

One has to wonder why the user is appealing only to people of color to risk their freedom by breaking federal law. Could it be a desire to scream racism if anyone gets caught?



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