Who's to Blame for Anti-Police Outbreaks?


ACRU Staff


June 4, 2015

This column by Chad Groening was published June 3, 2015 on OneNewsNow.com.

A conservative activist and political analyst says what’s happening in Baltimore and other large American cities illustrates the folly of liberal policies that have shackled police, much to the detriment of the community.

“The whole liberal approach to crime has always been to shackle the police, to say that the perpetrators are victims,” says Robert Knight, a senior fellow at The American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for OneNewsNow and The Washington Times.

“In Baltimore with the arrests dropping by half this year, there are many more violent people out on the streets, and it shows with a multitude of murders,” he states. “It’s a very bad situation — and you wonder when the people of Baltimore are going to say enough is enough, bring the police back.”

Knight’s recent column points out that Baltimore police have retreated, booking half as many suspects as they did last year, after being stung by an avalanche of bad publicity following the tragic death in police custody of Freddie Gray on April 19.

The columnist argues that the violent outbreaks occurring across the U.S. are a direct result of actions by the Obama administration.

“The Justice Department under Barack Obama is politicizing police work and making it a racial issue,” he tells OneNewsNow. “Even though a lot of the cops are black, it doesn’t matter — they’ve created this scenario of black victims/white cops out of control—we must go in and take over basically. I don’t think the federal government ought to be taking over policing.”

Knight wonders how anyone can now blame officers for avoiding scenes that could easily explode, leaving them as “poster children for racism and police violence.”



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