ACLU Aims to Force All Doctors to Take Human Life


ACRU Staff


July 17, 2014

(Editor’s note: The following excerpt is from a column by Wesley J. Smith on on July 15, 2014.)

The wailing and gnashing of teeth over the very modest Hobby Lobby case shows that it was a precursor for the real game that is afoot: forcing those with religious beliefs against abortion and assisted suicide (among other “interventions”) to participate or get out of medicine. No conscience allowed.

Proof of the pending attack on religious liberty comes with an email I received (by accident, I am sure) from the ACLU of Washington trolling for clients to become litigants in lawsuits aimed at breaking the backs of people who withhold “medical” services based on their religion. I wrote about it generally at The Corner.

I have now looked more closely at the types of “medical” services that the ACLU intends to force religious objectors to participate in, and they include being complicit in the taking of human life. From the ACLU’s list of interventions:

  • Abortions;
  • Information about Washington’s Death with Dignity Act;
  • Referral to support organizations or cooperating providers to assist a patient in using Washington’s Death with Dignity Act;
  • Allow medical providers to participate in Washington’s Death with Dignity Act;
  • Palliative care/nursing support for patients who choose to stop eating and drinking to allow natural death [e.g., participation in suicide by starvation, not a natural death]; and
  • Pharmacy dispensary [e.g., forced dispensing of drugs used in assisted suicide, RU 486 abortions, etc.].

In a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) context — the law that afforded Hobby Lobby relief — each of these would have to be looked at individually to determine the sincerity of the religious belief, the compelling state interest, if any, in compelling the individual to participate, and whether a method could be found to gain the government purpose in a less intrusive manner than the law or regulation under consideration.

But the RFRA does not apply to state law. The ACLU trolling for clients shows that we are about to see a concerted attack on religious freedom at the state level — with the intent to drive certain religious, pro-life, and/or Hippocratic medical professionals out of medicine altogether.

No, they won’t leave you alone.

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