ACRU Supreme Court Brief Calls Florida Permit Denial 'Extortion'


ACRU Staff


November 29, 2012

Nov. 30, 2012 – In a case with profound implications for property owners, the American Civil Rights Union filed a brief on Nov. 28 at the U.S. Supreme Court arguing that bureaucrats so violated a Florida man’s constitutional rights against seizure of his property without proper compensation that it amounts to “extortion.”

The brief in Coy A. Koontz v. St. John’s River Water Management District, written by ACRU General Counsel Peter J. Ferrara, argues that state officials required conditions for issuing land use permits that constitute a stark “taking” prohibited under the Fifth Amendment.

Susan A. Carleson, Chairman and CEO of the ACRU, said she was optimistic that the Court will rule for the property owner.

“This is a golden opportunity for them to fix some of the damage the Court did in the infamous Kelo v. City of New London, (2005) case in Connecticut,” Mrs. Carleson said.

Download the brief here. (PDF)



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