Reagan Staffer Admonishes Obama's Comparing Class Warfare To Reagan Tax Policy


ACRU Staff


April 13, 2012

The Carleson Center for Public Policy issued a press release on April 13, 2012. Susan A. Carleson, Chariman and CEO of the ACRU and Chairman and President of Carleson Center for Public Policy, released the following statement:

“Ronald Reagan understood human nature and that increasing tax rates drives people to find more and more ways to keep their money. By using legitimate tax loopholes unavailable to the average American, the very rich often escaped paying any taxes at all. Reagan thought that this was fundamentally wrong and he took steps as president to increase the fairness of the tax code by closing those loopholes and lowering tax rates across the board. The rest is history.

Ronald Reagan, who had a degree in economics and respect for the Constitution, stands in stark contrast to Barack Obama, who has neither.”

For more insight on President Reagan’s principles for governing visit the Reagan Resolve

To view the press release, click here.



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