Another ACLU Effort to Protect Alien Workers in the US


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July 14, 2009

In the name of protecting the jobs of American workers, the ACLU and its allies are attacking the E-Verify system that was set up to keep American jobs for Americans. E-Verify was created at Social Security so any prospective employer can find out immediately if any employee has legitimate Social Security records. Some of the allies going down the primrose path with the ACLU are eye-opening.

Most of the facts for this article, but not the legal conclusions, come from an article published on the website of on 13 July. The article is another attack on E-Verify, the process set up by Social Security to inform any potential employer whether the Social Security number of a new employee is legitimate.

Before discussing the attack, it is interesting to look at the attacker. This website is set up by the Leadership Council on Civil Rights. Sounds good, but what is it? The website explains that it represents “over 200 civil rights organizations.”

Dig further into the website, and the names emerge. Most of the participants are unions. That raises the question of why American unions are working to protect the employment of illegal aliens in jobs in the US. One would think that US unions would be protecting, rather than assaulting, the job opportunities for American workers.

The ACLU and many legal organizations which are usually in lock step with the ACLU also appear on the list. The whole, rather interesting, list is at the second web address at the end.

A large number of black-oriented organizations are represented. A large number of Jewish organizations are represented, which is curious when one considers the current hostility of liberals for a major Jewish concern, which is the survival of Israel. Likewise curious is the presence of some mainstream and seemingly legitimate religions such as the Episcopal Church and the United Methodist Church, among others.

It is also quite a surprise to find AARP, the largest membership organization in the US, on this list. It is no surprise to find People for the American Way, and its political allies, on this list.

The main attack in the article is on a new regulation proposed by the Department of Homeland Security. The regulation would require employers seeking federal contracts to verify that its employees are “allowed to work in the US.” They would be required to use the E-Verify system already set up at Social Security for this purpose.

The statement of the organization was prepared by the Legislative Council for the ACLU, and said in part, “In the middle of the toughest job market in decades, the Obama administration and the Senate have chosen to erect another roadblock to gainful employment for U.S. workers.”

This is, of course, the exact opposite of what the program would do. The ACLU claims that errors in the data base would cause “Americans” to be kept out of jobs. E-Verify allows any employee who is not hired because of problems with his or her record, to appeal and correct the record. In short, illegal aliens who are falsely using by the hundreds, the Social Security records of real Americans, cannot correct the records and get employed. On the other hand, it would mean that Americans would get jobs currently held by illegal aliens.

There are no civil rights issues involved in this matter, unless one argues that Mexican citizens, or citizens of every nation in the world have a civil right to be employed in the United States, once they successfully sneak across the border into the US. It is doubtful that most of the organizations which are listed as members, know what is being done in their names.

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