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June 3, 2009

After both state and federal courts had approved Georgia procedures to assure that only actual Americans vote in their American elections, the Justice Department has now acted to prevent that result. Relying on a federal law currently under review in the Supreme Court, the Justice Department has blocked Georgia’s effort to remove non-Americans from its voting rolls.

Some of the facts for this article, but not the legal conclusions, come from an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 2 June, 2009. The Department of Justice has concluded that the conduct of Georgia in seeking to exclude non-Americans from its voting rules, are illegal.

According to the Department of Justice, the Georgia system for questioning and excluding illegal voters is “discriminatory” because most of those excluded are “persons of color.” Therefore, Justice has refused to approve the Georgia system under Section V of the federal Voting Rights Act.

This article does not mention that the Georgia laws to make sure that only Americans vote in their American elections, have already been tested and approved in both federal and state courts. It also does not mention that Section V of the Voting Rights Act is currently under review in the US Supreme Court on the grounds that it is no longer justified, and therefore no longer constitutional.

Challenges to the Georgia registration laws, and to laws in a few other states with the curious premise that only Americans should vote in American elections, have been led by and vigorously supported by the ACLU. Correctly viewed, this action by the Justice Department is only a continuation of the same effort, to keep illegal aliens on the voting roles, because they will usually vote in favor of Democrats and liberals.

Is this discriminatory? Of course. It discriminates against non-citizens. That’s the whole idea. And it necessarily has greater impact on “persons of color,” since most of the illegal aliens in the US today are Mexicans, not Swedes. Anyone who has been reading newspapers or watching TV in the last ten years, knows the truth of this demographic fact.

So, why has the Justice Department, with the guidance of Attorney General Eric Holder, acted to sabotage a Georgia law that seeks to clean up that state’s voter roles? Curiously, Justice has done this when it is well aware that its actions are based on a federal law that may shortly be struck down by the US Supreme Court.

The quick answer is two words: Marc Rich. In slamming through the last-minute pardon of Rich, a fugitive American financier, then-Assistant Attorney General Holder satisfied the personal and financial interests of his then-boss, President Clinton. Now Holder has a higher position, and a new boss, President Obama, but the logic is the same. Do whatever the boss demands. And this boss wants illegal voters to continue to vote Democratic in the coming elections.

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