ACRU's Amicus Brief Mentioned by First Amendment Center


ACRU Staff


November 18, 2008

Tony Mauro, a writer for the First Amendment Center wrote an article about the upcoming Supreme Court Case, Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission. The case deals with whether Citizens United documentary, “Hillary: The Movie” was an “electioneering communication” under McCain-Feingold and therefore, subject to regulation by the FEC.

The ACRU filed an amicus brief in support of Citizens United arguing that it is a movie, and not subject to the regulations of the FEC

ACRU General Counsel Peter Ferrara wrote in the brief and was quoted by the First Amendment Center,

The conservative American Civil Rights Union also made the point in a brief filed in support of Citizens United. “The movie is the cinematic equivalent of an opinion commentary in a newspaper or magazine, or a book presenting political opinions,” wrote its counsel, Peter Ferrera [sic]. “As such, it is core political speech entitled to the full protection of the First Amendment. It cannot be prohibited during any election period, or at any other time. Nor can its promotion be excessively burdened by regulatory requirements.”



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