ACLU Attitudes Infest the Ford Foundation


ACRU Staff


July 9, 2008

The Ford Foundation has just appointed a longtime administrator for the ACLU to head the Foundation’s international program that instructs people in other nations how to build their laws and societies. The bottom line is that disrespect for the will of the people, for written constitutions, and for those who disagree with the chosen views, will now be backed by Ford millions, around the world.

The facts for this article, but not the legal conclusions, come from a July 6th article on Maxims News Network, which is a “news network for the United Nations and the international community.” It concerns the appointment of a long-term ACLU official as the new director of a Ford Foundation division.

Taken at face value, it is an honest appointment of an able person to hold an important position. The title says, “Ford Foundation Names [A] Renowned Civil Rights Attorney … to Lead Peace and Social Justice Program.” The unanswered questions are, what is this person’s real background, and how will she spend millions of dollars from one of the nation’s oldest Foundations?

The appointee was formerly the Executive Director of the Northern California Chapter of the ACLU, its largest affiliate in the nation. Luis UbiZas, president of the Ford Foundation, said that her “extraordinary dedication to human rights, equal opportunity, and the rule of law make her an outstanding leader for our work on peace and social justice.”

What is her outstanding work? In her five years with the ACLU she litigated to keep questionable voters on the roles in California. She fought for lower standards in public schools, on allegations of discrimination. She also led ACLU “policy work” in areas such as “police practices and the death penalty .”

To translate the last two, the first means that she increased the barriers to effective police protection of the citizens. The second means she tried to prevent all death penalty sentences, contrary to the repeated and clear actions of legislators who wrote those laws on behalf of the citizens.

On most of these issues, it was her task to obtain the ACLU’s desired result from unelected judges, over the opposition of elected representatives of the people. Her work was contrary to the central idea that the people hold the sovereign power in California, as in the rest of the United States.

And what did this ACLU experience in forcing ACLU ideas and results on the people prepare her for, in her new position for the Ford Foundation?

The Foundation’s Peace and Social Justice program, according to the article, “addresses human rights, democratic participation and good governance issues around the world.” When the views of the ACLU are grafted onto the Foundation’s money, “human rights” translates to advancing the important rights of preferred groups over the less-important rights of other groups.

“Democratic participation” means that the people should vote, as long as they vote the right way. When they vote the wrong way and establish undesirable laws, judges should overrule them. As for “good governance”, the Jeffersonian idea that the people hold the power is clearly wrong. People who have the right ideas should hold the power and all who disagree should be marginalized.

Does anyone get the impression that Henry Ford, the old industrialist who believed in free markets and free governments, is spinning in his grave like the distributor cap on a Model A?

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