The ACLU recently announced what they called the "10 ways our government


ACRU Staff


January 31, 2008

The ACLU announced the following picks for what they claim are “10 ways our government failed us in 2007.” Leaving no morsel of our government untouched, the list is a disgrace to America’s legislative and executive system.

The American Civil Rights Union ( commented on the asinine actions of the ACLU and offered their responses to these claims below.

* ACLU Claim: The government has not put an end to warrantless NSA

spying ACRU Response: No warrant is needed for foreign communications. Plus,

all surveillance is subject to the Security Court set up by Congress.

What the ACLU wants is for the government NOT to defend Americans in a

time of declared warfare.

* ACLU Claim: The government is not giving due process to immigrants and

denying life-saving health care in immigration detention facilities

ACRU Response: This ACLU complaint assumes that illegal immigrants have

a “right” to be in the US and to all of its health, education and

welfare programs. The ACLU also, deliberately, conflates the real

rights of LEGAL immigrants with the false “rights” of illegal


* ACLU Claim: The government is allowing the CIA to destroy

interrogation tapes

ACRU Response: Best information is that leaders on both sides of the

aisle in Congress, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, were briefed on

water-boarding, and on the tapes, and on several additional attacks that

the mastermind of 9/11 gave up, AND on the destruction of the tapes.

None, including her, had any objection. All considered this a matter of

national security.

* ACLU Claim: The government is not repealing the Real ID Act

ACRU Response: All that the Real ID Act says is that all STATE drivers

licenses must follow minimum standards to identify those who hold those

licenses. Some states already follow these standards. The ACLU is

against secure STATE driver’s licenses because such licenses would

inhibit illegal immigrants, voter fraud, and the ability of foreign

terrorists to move around the US.



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