The ACLU is assisting illegal immigrants – again!


ACRU Staff


January 11, 2008

This time the fight is in the State of Indiana where the ACLU is trying to stop a bill to penalize businesses for hiring illegal immigrants, claiming that only the federal government has authority over controlling illegal immigration

According to ACRU spokesman, John Armor, “The ACLU is dead wrong. While immigration should be a federal issue, when the federal government utterly fails to act effectively, the states are free to act on their own, as several have already done.”

“A law very similar to the proposed Indiana one, passed in Arizona, is already having its desired effect,” explains Armor. “As the job market for illegal aliens dries up in Arizona, illegal aliens are self-deporting from that state. Some are going to other US states, whose laws are lax or non-existent on this subject. Others are returning to Mexico.”

Indiana State Senator Michael Delph is sponsoring the bill that will require businesses to pay a hefty fine if they knowing hire illegal immigrants – an idea, which John Armor says is a positive approach. “Laws against illegal activity which are self-enforcing, are the best possible laws. And that may be why the ACLU is opposing another such law in Indiana.”



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