Rob Bluey column on Indiana Voter ID Case


ACRU Staff


January 7, 2008

Rob Bluey, a columnist at wrote the following column Sunday on the upcoming Indiana Voter ID Case being heard Wednesday, January 9th. This is following ACRU Senior Fellow Kenneth Blackwell’s column in the New York Sun.

Rob talked about, among other points, that the left claims requiring an ID will reduce voter turnout. Says Bluey,

Claims of disenfranchisement have been rebutted in numerous studies of voter ID requirements. The most recent, a statistical analysis completed by The Heritage Foundation in September, flatly concluded that voter ID laws don’t depress voter turnout.

According a poll quoted in Bluey’s column, 77% of approve of an ID system at the polls. The ACLU is out of the mainstream.

The problem is spreading. It used to be that Chicago or St. Louis was famous for having dogs, cats and others voting when they were not allowed. But more and more areas around the country are facing this problem. The ACLU and other leftists are on the wrong side of this one. They seem to not care that dogs, cats, and dead people seem to vote.



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