Senior Fellow Kenneth Blackwell's Op-Ed on Voter's Rights


ACRU Staff


January 3, 2008

New ACRU Senior Fellow Kenneth Blackwell wrote this op-ed in the New York Sun today. This op-ed discusses two important cases be heard by the US Supreme Court on January 9th.

Crawford v. Marion County and Indiana Democratic Party v. Rokita is about Indiana’s new voter ID law. The law requires people voting on Election Day to show a government issue ID.

Mr. Blackwell discusses how important this case is. Talking about the views on this issue Blackwell said this:

These views come from two different ways of looking at voting rights. One outlook is that the system should do everything possible to help facilitate voting. This would mean making voting registration and casting votes as easy and fast as we can. The other is that voting is an important civic duty, with the emphasis on personal responsibility to properly register, go to the appointed locations, and fulfill whatever reasonable requirements are necessary to keep fraudulent votes from undermining the process.

Case information can be found here. The ACRU has filed an amicus brief, which can be read here.



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