Governor Spitzer Favors Deaths of New Yorkers


ACRU Staff


October 25, 2007

The facts for this comment, but not its legal conclusions, come from an article in the New York Post on October 24th.

This story in the Post speculates that Governor Spitzer’s plan to force the issue of drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens will cause political harm to Democrats. The paper reports senior Democrat officials as predicting that the Governor’s action will cause “a mass exodus” from the Democrats in state and local races.

That may be true, but there are stronger and more basic reasons for opposing the Governor’s plan, opposition which today includes a law suit filed by an upstate County Clerk, who claims that state law forbids him from issuing a driver’s license to anyone who is not a legitimate resident of New York. Therefore, the Clerk argues, the Governor’s executive order is itself illegal, and should be struck down by the court.

The Governor argued that this would “bring the immigrants in from the shadows,” and “improve public safety by making these drivers legal.” This proposal may well attract more illegal aliens to New York State – like the sanctuary cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and ones as far from the border as New Haven, and Milwaukee, have done for cities. But even if the number of illegals does not go up, here is the problem as shown in the American press:

Combining deaths on the highways and deaths in crimes, illegal aliens are killing more Americans per year than all the armed enemies that American soldiers face in all the hot spots in the world. Let me repeat that, more American men, women and children are being killed on the highways and in crimes by illegal aliens inside the US, than all military deaths during the same time.

Governor Spitzer’s plan apparently violates New York law. It also violates the provisions of federal law on drivers’ licenses to be used for federal ID purposes, such as boarding planes or getting passports. (The federal law doesn’t kick in for a year, but Spitzer is obviously going in the wrong direction.)

But most importantly, Spitzer’s plan will lead directly to deaths of legitimate residents of New York. And it will be the public backlash from those deaths which will lead to the “exodus from Democrats” that this article predicts.

Polls reported as this is being written, state that 70% of New Yorkers oppose the Governor’s plan. There is even speculation that this issue will affect the presidential race concerning Senator Clinton and Mayor Giuliani. It is particularly troublesome for Senator Clinton, since she must choose between breaking with the Democratic Governor of her home state, or handing her opponents, including Mayor Giuliani a clear and significant issue.

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