Attorney General of New Jersey Fronts for the ACLU


ACRU Staff


August 27, 2007

The Attorney General of New Jersey has done the work of the ACLU in telling the Mayor of Morristown that his police should not check the immigration status of people pulled over for traffic stops or minor crimes. Mayor Donald Cresitello first proposed that in a letter to US Attorney Christopher Christie.

The US Attorney’s reply claimed that this plan “directly contradicted” plans by the Attorney General of New Jersey, Anne Milgram, to check the immigration status of people charged with serious crimes or drunk driving. The US Attorney also wrote that checking status for less serious crimes is “something our office thinks should not happen.”

The Mayor is trying to be more diligent in finding illegal aliens in his jurisdiction than either the State of New Jersey or the US government. And representatives of both the state and federal governments conclude – and put it in writing – that this is a bad idea. This happened in a state where the bodies are not yet cold in the ground for the assassination of three young people by an illegal alien who should long since have been behind bars, or thrown out of the US. One victim survived and told police what she saw. Two juvenile accomplices have apparently confessed.

In the entire article, only two people spoke the plain, unvarnished truth. The Mayor did so when he said the state’s Attorney General had “handcuffed law enforcement in the state.” The other burst of semi-honesty came from Maria Juega, of the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund, who said, “The mayor wants to purge immigrants from his town.”

Ms. Juega is being semi-honest because she missed one word. The Mayor is not trying to “purge immigrants.” If so, he would be packing his own bags, because his name sounds very Italian. He is trying to get “ILLEGAL immigrants” out of his town.

The deliberate sloppiness of claiming that steps against illegal immigrants are steps against all immigrants is how the ACLU and its allies – like this legal defense fund – try to defend the idea of open borders for the United States. They get away with this deception in part because members of the press, including Newsday in this very article, do not point out the critical deception. Perhaps in the midst of their personal bias, the press does not even notice this deception.

The facts for this article, but not the legal conclusions, are drawn from an article in Long Island Newsday on 27 August. (Go here to find this article on the Net)



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