Mosque and State are Fine – Just Shut Down the Church and State


ACRU Staff


July 16, 2007

Investors Business Daily ran an editorial entitled, “Jihad in Schools,” on July 9. It describes a program in a San Diego public school for setting aside 15 minutes a day for Somali Muslim students to pray at Carver Elementary School. And it has added Arabic to its teaching. And it has segregated boys from girls in classrooms. And it has banned pork and other non-Islamic foods from its lunchroom.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations defends this program. What is interesting is the position of the ACLU on this. Whenever Judeo-Christian actions, or even single words, are at issue, the ACLU mounts its high horse and claims that “the separation of church and state are being violated.” Yet this is an instance of far greater intrusion of religion into a public place and into the pockets of the taxpayers, and the ACLU is tellingly silent.

Apparently there is no principle of separation of mosque and state in the United States.

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