Illegal Aliens Sue for $100 a Day for Jail Time


ACRU Staff


July 16, 2007

News Channel 5 in Nashville, TN, published an article on its website on 10 July about illegal aliens suing local officials for illegally arresting them. They are claiming $100 a day for their incarceration until they are thrown out of the US in their suit against the Maury County Sheriffs’ Office, and the Sheriff himself.

Nowhere does the article describe these as “illegal” immigrants. But they would not be in jail, awaiting deportation, if their status were legal.

The illegals were arrested during a raid conducted by the Sheriff and immigration officers at a mobile home park near Nashville. They were searching for, and apparently found, a man wanted for rape. The article quotes a local resident as saying, “she’s scared the officers are targeting Hispanics.” The rape suspect was Hispanic, as were the illegal aliens who were found and arrested.

There is no indication that the ACLU is directly involved in this case. But there is no question that the thinking here – illegal aliens have a “right” to be in the US and anyone who interferes with that “right” should pay – is right up the ACLU alley.

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