John Armor: City of Mamaroneck Succumbs to Pressure from ACLU to Give Special Benefits to Illegal Immigrants


ACRU Staff


June 14, 2007

Under pressure from a federal law suit of the type that has been filed by the ACLU against many small communities across the country, the City of Mamaroneck, NY, agreed that it will not enforce federal laws concerning citizens of Mexico and other nations who are in the town illegally. Instead, it has agreed to provide special benefits to these citizens of other nations beyond those available to mere citizens of Mamaroneck. (See “Day-laborer hiring site greeted by cheers, jeers in Mamaroneck”)

A federal judge is expected to approve this settlement. It will probably remain in place until a number of citizens of Mamaroneck are killed in criminal activities by these citizens of other nations, or local citizens are killed in drunk driving accidents by these citizens. Until then, it is unlikely that the City leaders of Mamaroneck will be either indicted or removed from office for contributing to criminal activity in their town.



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