Arlington: A Salute to the Fallen Brave


ACRU Staff


May 28, 2007

Just down the road from my office is Arlington National Cemetery. More than four million people visit the cemetery annually, many coming to pay final respects at graveside services, of which nearly 100 are conducted each week. Brave soldiers from every war in which America has fought – from the Revolutionary War to the current War on Terror, are buried here, in recognition of their profound bravery and sacrifice to protect the lives of their loved ones and freedom for their fellow Americans. More than 250,000 grave sites adorn the rolling hills of Arlington, joining hundreds of thousands more across America, in Europe, and across the Pacific.

In honor of this national Memorial Day holiday – and of the sacrifices of the brave servicemen throughout our history who gave all that we might gain and keep our freedoms and our homes – I post the following video, set to Trace Adkins’ moving song, “Arlington.”

(Video is just 4:21 long. Click video to play)



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