Local Front in Battle to Restore Rule of Law for Immigration Receives Bipartisan Boost


ACRU Staff


May 16, 2007

Who says standing against illegal immigration and the consequences thereof is a political loser?

The ACRU has been fighting in support of the mayor of Hazelton, PA and his effort to crack down on landlords and employers who create the demand for and perpetuate the problem of illegal immigration, and the criminological ills and financial burdens that come with it, in his town and similar municipalities across America. Our own John Armor has described the issue very well in his article, “The Hazelton Rebellion.”

Predictably, the ACLU has lined up on behalf of those who break our laws and against the democratic rule of legal citizens at the local level in Hazelton and elsewhere.

The good news is that word comes today that the voters in Hazelton – of both political parties – strongly disagree with the ACLU and those that would keep in place the incentives that encourage aliens to cheat our immigration laws and cut in line in front of those who choose to immigrate here lawfully. Here is the remarkable story:

Mayor Who Targeted Illegal Aliens Wins Both GOP and Dem Primaries

(CNSNews.com) – Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, who gained national attention by cracking down on illegal immigrants living in his small Pennsylvania city, won the Republican nomination for a third term on Tuesday – and he unexpectedly won the Democratic nomination, too, through a last-minute write-in campaign, the Associated Press reported. “I think the message is clear,” Barletta said. “The people of Hazleton want me to keep fighting for them.” Barletta became mayor in 2000, and in 2006 at his urging, city official passed a strict ordinance that would fine landlords who rent to illegal aliens, deny business permits to companies that employ them, and make English the town’s official language. The Illegal Immigration Relief Act came after four illegal immigrants were charged with shooting and killing a man. The measure is now being challenged in court.

The question remains whether a judicial oligarchy will subvert the will of the people on this issue. But for now, citizens in Hazelton, PA and across America have much to cheer.



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