Be Compassionate: Let the ACLU Win One


ACRU Staff


May 1, 2007

My colleague John Armor notes below (“ACLU Gets It Dead Wrong in Indiana”) that our friends at the American Civil Liberties Union have sued Indiana, alleging that the state’s failure to charge a fee for a license plate bearing the national motto, “In God We Trust” constitutes discrimination, since the state does charge a fee for other “specialty plates.”

John points out that the “In God We Trust” plate is not really a specialty plate, but is one of two standard plates the state issues without a special charge. This would seem to be enough to dispose of the ACLU’s complaint. Still, there is reason to hope the ACLU will not come out as badly as seems likely:

If it prevails, perhaps the next lawsuit should be brought by the ACRU, seeking to have the ACLU return to sender all of the oodles of money it receives bearing the same indigestable motto.



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