Eric F. Langborgh


ACRU Staff


April 1, 2007

Eric Langborgh is the former Director of Development for The American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) and currently works for ClearWord Communications Group, Inc.

Eric worked for six-plus years at the Bill of Rights Institute, a national educational non-profit, where he served as the Institute’s Director of Donor Relations. His early work at the Institute as Education Programs Coordinator included the development of a graduate level program for American History and Civics teachers and writing essays for use in high school classrooms on America’s Founding Fathers and their influence on and views of the Bill of Rights.

From January 1999 to January 2001, Eric worked for Accuracy in Academia, a campus watchdog organization, coordinating numerous educational conferences at colleges and universities throughout the United States, and serving as managing editor of its monthly newspaper, Campus Report.

An alumnus of Pennsylvania State University, Eric’s experience in the news industry has included an internship at the National Journalism Center as a reporter for the national conservative newsweekly, Human Events.

Eric has had more than 50 articles and essays published and has delivered a number of speeches on a variety of subjects dealing with the U.S. Constitution, American history, politics, education, and more — most of which can be accessed through the Borg Blog, his personal weblog.</p



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