ACLU Attacks Anti-Illegal Immigration Policy at Schools


ACRU Staff


September 28, 2006

WNBC-TV – 9/1/2006

Americans who do not have young children may not know this, but federal law now requires that parents obtain Social Security numbers for their school-aged children. Many New Jersey schools are asking students to provide their SS numbers when they enroll, to determine whether they are legal residents.

The ACLU of New Jersey has protested, saying, “This type of practice has a chilling effect on immigrant students, both documented and undocumented, who want to attend our public schools.” The ACLU has not explained how this affects documented students, who therefore could obtain SS numbers. Perhaps the ACLU is concerned that school districts could prepare accurate numbers on the cost of illegal immigrants’ children, and those large and growing costs might drive the state legislature to take action.

The ACLU claims it is preparing a suit against the schools. A key issue, however is whether a single student has actually been denied enrollment. The ACLU refuses to say whether this has ever occurred.



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